Seafood At Duong Dong Market

Duong Dong market

There are 6 markets on Phu Quoc island including Cau Sau market, Ganh Dau market, Ham Ninh market, Duong Dong market and Bai Thom market. Duong Dong is the largest market, primarily serves for residential area.

Duong Dong Market is located at the heart of Duong Dong town, Duong Dong waterfront is the largest market of Phu Quoc island district. Around 4 hours early morning, the market is full of people buying and selling goods. The market sells everything essential for daily life, fresh seafood and dried seafood in particular.

It is easy to find a small porridge stall, a bakery shop or a restaurant which sells tet mat cat cakes, crab paste, fish paste when you walk down on the way.  As you pass by food stall, good smell and delicious food invite you.

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Phu Quoc fish paste

Phu Quoc fish paste is a unique specialty, fried on the spot made with mackerel and barracuda virtual. Just look pan boiling oil, fried fish pieces about 2 inches in diameter from the cumbersome gold, oil balls, just look delicious eyes have seen enough. But will “good nose” over the distinct aroma of the sea fish that made me queasy stomach!

fish paste
fish paste

Dried seafood

Both fresh seafood and dried seafood are nutritious. Primary the market sells dried seafood. Opposite are two markets sell “wet line” is turned to the sea for the facilities up and down comforters and seafood restaurant. People gather to buy fresh seafood caught from local fishermen. How much is the fish of the sea, from small ones to the “giant” shy situated on a platter covered boast white stones. Buy anything you like such as eel, mackerel, mackerel virtual, barracuda, cobia, fish on, fish imitation sea, squid, shellfish.

dried fishes
dried fishes

New products fresh marine catch is transferred immediately to port, so Duong Dong Market is famous for fresh seafood, rich in variety is easy to choose, the price is also affordable. Guests often had little dried seafood market to buy a gift for loved ones before leaving the island to the mainland.